Best Handheld Gps For Money Review Of 2021 – Buyers Guide

best handheld gpsOne of the most terrible things you don’t want to experience is getting lost on a trip or hike. It isn’t just terrible, it could get scary especially if you have kids with you. One way to solve this issue is to have a map with you or something that can help you track your way. This is the jet age and frankly, a GPS can do a lot more than a map can.

With a very good handheld global positioning system, gives you a reassurance and confidence about where you’re going. To get one of these, you can simply look online or check a store for it. The question is, do you know the criteria for purchasing a handheld global positioning system. This article will tell you everything you need to know before selecting a GPS.


Before you go purchasing anything at all, always endeavor to make a research about the things you should check out for. The reason is so that, you don’t end up purchasing something you cannot return if damaged. Below is a couple of things to consider.


Buttons or Touchscreen

One of the first decisions that you might be faced with is deciding if you want a touchscreen or buttoned GPS. So I’ll make it easy for you. The touchscreen is modern and faster which is indeed advantageous but the buttons are slower to operate. However, the touchscreen consumes a lot of battery, doesn’t work really well with gloves and can even freeze up in the cold. Traditional buttoned units are better because they can be used in cold times, they work perfectly with gloves; whether thin or thick and have longer battery life.

Nevertheless, it comes down


Some units are usually very heavy while some are not if you will make this purchase, then you should consider this. The handheld GPS as the name implies is meant to be handled by hand, once it is too heavy, there’s really no point for it. Specifically, I would recommend anything that doesn’t go beyond 5.oz. So endeavor to be sure about the size before purchasing. And be sure to buy a lightweight unit.


This is another tough call because the display of the GPS is based on how easy it is to see the screen. Now, this shouldn’t be a problem except, larger screens come with more visibility. Nevertheless, it’s your choice to make, large screen or a small one. Just ensure that before buying, you test with and without sunglasses, in the sun and the dark to be really sure if you should buy it.

Battery Life

This is one aspect you don’t want to forget to check. Battery life is just as important as the GPS itself. You don’t want your GPS battery to die just when you need the final direction on your trip. It is important that you pick a perfect GPS unit with a long battery life.

Mapping Software

Every GPS manufacturer includes a software to specifically organize, analyze and project all the tracks collected through your unit. In as much as this mapping software could be needed during your trip or hike, it could also be a challenge to operate. So before making a purchase, ensure that you’re buying a unit whose mapping software can be easily operated by you.

Built -in- Memory

There are some GPS units that come with card slots for storage cards or media cards. Some others come with inbuilt memory and some others, you’ll have to use a flash drive for. When you decide to buy the handheld GPS unit, ensure that you’re buying one with a very large inbuilt memory and space for a storage card as well.


This is another very important category to not leave out. As a matter of fact, I’d consider this the most valuable part of the unit, because, without it, there is no GPS unit.

Before you go on to make a purchase, here are the most important features you must look out for. Map coverage, compass, the trip computer, waypoint and track markers, geocache options which could have been previously loaded, route planner, satellites, closest city locator, and profile options. There are more features, but whatever you buy check out for these ones. This information should serve as a guide to buying your own handheld global programming system.

Other considerations

Some other things to consider include the following:

  1. Information on tides
  2. Alarm for proximity
  3. Calculator
  4. Media options for music and pictures.
  5. Sharing wireless and smart notifications.
  6. You should also consider the price of the unit so you don’t go beyond your budget.
  7. Previous users must have reviewed the product, look for those and read what they have to say about the unit.


You might also want to buy based on the recommendation, its safer that way.

Check the standard of the warranty, ensure that you can return the product, and get your refund if any mishap occurs.



Garmin eTrex 20xGarmin eTrex 20x

has been upgraded from its previous version and now has better features. This GPS has a display resolution of 2.2″65k and is absolutely readable under sunlight. It has both an inbuilt The Garmin eTrex is a global programming system unit that memory and a microSD port for a memory card when the need arises. This amount of space owned by this unit allows it to load as many maps as one would need on one trip. With it also comes a previously loaded worldwide map. This unit is highly sensitive and with its hotfix prediction satellite and GPS receiver enabled with WAAS, it can track your current location. The only downside about this GPS unit is that, operating it is quite a challenge. It is quite difficult to operate, but once you get a hang of it, it becomes a work over for you. Other than that, every other thing is good including the battery life.

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Garmin Montanna 680 Touchscreen GPS/GLONASS ReceiverGarmin Montanna 680 Touchscreen

If you’ve ever wanted a GPS unit with preloaded geocaches then this is the one you need. This modern unit has up to 250 000 geocaches that have been already loaded into the unit. With its birdseye satellite, this unit will help you take charge of your environment, it lets you see everything. It is also very sensitive and the GPS receiver is also enabled with WAAS, for the proper and thorough location of the position.

The Garmin Montana has a track manager that gives it the ability to navigate routes, organize and track logs and also start and stop its recording. The most interesting feature is the 8-megapixel camera that allows you stop time and capture beautiful moments. When you take these pictures, they will be automatically geotagged and you can also trust that the picture quality is very high. The only downside to this unit is its small memory. Apart from this, every other thing will work perfectly for you.

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Garmin monterra wi-fi enabled GPS navigator.Garmin monterra wi-fi enabled GPS

This excellent four-inch touch screen GPS unit comes with a dual orientation system including google play applications and an android OS. For connectivity, you need not bother yourself as it has Wi-Fi (802.11gbn), Bluetooth (4.0) and near field communication. Garmin products seem to have some of the best cameras. It comes wth an 8-megapixel camera which features, geotagging, HD video capture, flash, torch, and great autofocus. Good compass axis, with an accelerometer, barometric altimeter and waterproof microphone for your pleasure. When you have a device like this, you will need a long lasting battery to ensure it lasts as long as possible. It has a dual battery operating system, rechargeable, and batteries that can equally be replaced. This GPS unit is absolutely worth every dime you are about to spend it. And just every other device with its flaws, you will have to handle this device with care for it to last as long as you expect it to.

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Garmin Montana 610 GPS.Garmin Montana 610 GPS

Garmin Montana 610 like its colleagues from the Garmin company, has 250 000 geocaches preloaded for your benefit. Also like the others, it has great sensitivity and on its GPS receiver and a very effective track manager for locating positions on your trip. There is a slight difference though, the birdseye imagery satellite comes with a one-year subscription. It also allows room for a microSD. It is a very impressive unit and quite easy to operate. However, if you’re someone who likes to communicate using their GPS then this unit will not be very favorable for you.

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Garmin Oregon 600 3-inch worldwide handheld GPS.Garmin Oregon 600 3-inch worldwide handheld GPS

The display screen of this device might be smaller than the others, but it doesn’t make it incapable. It has multitouch abilities, the satellite positioning is a dual band type GPS/GLONASS, a 3-axis compass sensors an accelerometer, and an altimeter that’s barometric. Connectivity includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and will be capable of sharing tracks, routes, geocaches, and maps. It also comes with a dual battery system as well to ensure that it lasts long enough for your trip or hike. It’s just perfect for its price and it is really highly rated.

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Garmin Rino 650T GPS DeviceGarmin Rino 650T GPS Device

The Garmin 650T is one GPS is one that allows you see your environment completely and has a bird eyes satellite that comes with a one-year subscription. The touch screen is very responsive and equally glove friendly. For all those who love to communicate with their device, you are going to enjoy the use of this device. It is a strong communicator with a radio frequency that can go up to five miles. Even with a cover that’s really heavy, you will be able to discover your location and help you maintain it and the right track. It has a built-in altimeter that provides information that will help the barometer predict weather changes. Outside of these features, this 6502 is very easy to operate, and it is also very accurate. You’ll enjoy the use of this device and that’s a guarantee.

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For every GPS unit, there’s always a level of its screen display. It is important that you check out for a readable screen both day and night. This Garmin GPS map has a 2.6 in sunlight readable screen that allows visibility during the day. It has a camera quality of 160×240 pixels and a highly sensitive GPS receiver together with the GLONASS and the quad helix antenna. Also, it comes with a built-in base map and an inbuilt memory of 8GB and a slot for a memory card as well. It can log on to satellites quicker than you expect and it has buttons that are easy to use. You will be doing yourself a great favor by purchasing this device as it is equally very affordable.

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GGarmin eTrex 30xarmin eTrex 30x

Now if you want a GPS unit with better resolution then this is the perfect device for it. This device has 240×320 display pixels that help to improve its readability. With this everything on your screen is easy to see and understand. It also comes with an inbuilt memory that was specifically expanded to ensure that the device can accommodate as many maps as possible. Also, it has a 3 axis compass and a barometric altimeter as well. With all these features you’ll be very grateful you made the decision to buy this device. And lastly, affordable is not an adjective enough to qualify this product. I guarantee you won’t regret this.

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Garmin Oregon 650t 3-inch Handheld GPS with 8MP Digital Camera.Garmin Oregon 650t 3-inch Handheld GPS with 8MP Digital Camera

With a three inch screen that is sunlight readable, this Garmin Oregon touch screen is very readable and very responsive. This simply means that it can work perfectly in any weather, it’s readable, and you can use gloves while operating it. It has a dual band of GPS/GLONASS system of positioning satellite. For sharing of tracks, geocaches, custom maps and even routes you can use the Bluetooth technology. Also, be sure that the battery life is going to be long enough to survive a really long trip so this will be worth it. Lastly feel free to keep memories of your journey or hike with the awesome 8MP autofocus digital camera that is on the device. The camera has a flash, a torch, and a digital zoom as well.the size of this GPS device is 4GB and it is very affordable.

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Final verdict

There are a lot of global programming systems in the market today. Making the right choice from one of them is a tough decision and don’t worry, it is hard for everyone. Learning about these things is a very important to carry out before attempting to buy anyone. I’ve put together this review to help you make a concrete and suitable decision to buy any kind of GPS. Remember to put everything necessary into consideration before making a choice. Also, every GPS unit has its own special feature and it would be better if you selected the one that suits your journey and budget the most. All the products reviewed are perfect for use, all you have to do is pick one, and I am certain you will not regret this.

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